How to decrease in the middle of a T3F at end of a row

Hi all, thanks for the help! I’m stuck at the end of a front panel, which I’ve gradually decreased. I have 2 questions about the same stitch the twist 3 front and back.

Q1. The last stitch on my needle is part of a T3B. If that last stitch was still part of a row of stitches, that last stitch would slipped onto a cable needle, I’d K2 the P the stitch off the cable needle. So my question is, do I K or P the last stitch?

Q2. Same issue with T3B but now I have 2 stitches left… do I slip one of the stitches on to the cable needle, and knit the next stitch, and P the one on the cable needle or do I just K both stitches without slipping anything onto the CN?

Welcome to KH!

The answer is, it depends. What is the name and designer of your pattern?
If this is something like a scarf or blanket, you could try to complete a partial cable of the twisted sts. More than likely, it’s going to be better to work these sts as part of the background stitches. Maybe these are purl sts? If so, purl the last stitch on the needle. If your background is knit sts, then knit the edge sts.
If this pattern is for something that will be seamed then leave out the T3B at the ends and work the sts as the background stitches, purls if that is your background pattern.
These sts are probably going to be worked as background whether you have one or two left at the ends.

Thanks for replying… the pattern is SIDAR 264 - Design I -jackets. Yes, the stitch[es] is/ are at the collar edge, but are part of the cabling pattern.

The sweater is lovely and the book it comes from looks like a good one to track down.
Since there’s going to be a collar on this sweater, switching to the background will make picking up sts easier than if there is a cable or partial cable at the edge.
Have fun working this pattern and please do post a photo when you finish.