How to decrease in ribbing?

I’m making this pattern: however I like the look of the ribbed one, which is slightly different from the original pattern, but its just a 2x2 ribbing.

Now… what do I do when it comes to the decreases? I’ve never decreased with ribbing without a pattern. Do I keep the knits in the same spot and P2tog to keep that ribbing intact?

Sorry if this is a newb question, i’m clueless without patterns!!

Right you can dec in the purl ribs, do half of them on the first dec round, then half on the next decrease round so then you’d be doing k2 p1. Then dec on the knit ribs, half and half again. Then you’ve got k1 p1 and just do k2tog around.

Fantastic! Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

How do you find the pattern to download:
Button-Up Baby Wrap

Hi, it’s better to start your own thread, maybe in Pattern Central forum. However, according to the ravelry page, it’s available in her shop. It says free, but there’s no link, so you should contact her and ask how to get the pattern.

thank you

It depends on how complicated you want to get with this. The pattern looks like you could do this as one piece, cut the yarn, run the yarn through all the stitches with a tapestry needle, and fasten off. It might be a little bulky but this is the simplest. I have a favorite hat pattern that’s a similar two by two rib with decreases at the top. My decreases are: k2tog, p2 tog across the first row. Do two rows of k1, p1. Then two rows of k2tog all across. Maybe this will work for you?