How to decrease for armhole shape using bind off at each side

Hi, my pattern says:
Row 53 Bind off 3 st, K across, Bind off the last 3 st
Row 54 Bind off 2 st, P across, Bind off the last 2 st

How do I bind off at the end of the row without breaking my yarn so I can continue onto the next row?
Thanks so much

Don’t bind off at the end of row 53. Bind off 4sts at the beginning of row 54. The difference of a row won’t be detectable at the finished armhole. If you want, you can even purl to the end of row 54, turn and bind off 2sts.
I don’t know why a designer would even put a direction like this into a sweater.


As suggested above, deceasing or binding off on the next row would matter in the long rum. But you need to do it consistently, I suggest writing out your bindoffs and decreases.