How to create my own image chart? Help!

Hey all,

I’m sure this must’ve come up before but I can’t seem to find anything through the search function. Maybe I’m using the wrong search terms…?

I’m making a hat for a friend and he wanted me to incorporate some graphics. So, I want to chart it out on some graph paper to see what guage I need to knit in in order to get a decent image (as in, how many “pixels per inch” I need for a sharp image to appear).

I remember reading somewhere that the stitch isn’t exactly square so if you graph something onto square graph paper and knit it, it’ll look all squashed.

So, can I get some tips for how y’all go about doing this? Print out your own graph paper with rectangles instead of squares? Is there somewhere I can print out blanks? (I used to be able to print out blank music manuscript paper, so I’m thinking there may be something similar)


There’s a website here where you can upload a jpg and it will convert it to a knitting chart for you.

I’ve tried that link before and for some reason it doesn’t work… it just sends me along to a blank grey page, and there’s no pdf on my desktop. Adobe’s been updated, too, so I’m not sure what’s up.

Oh, and I’m on a mac. If that makes a difference.

several sites have blank knitting graph paper you can download and print - There’s even one site where you can put in you own gauge - whatever it may be; and it will print the graph paper out to your personal gauge.

For must purposes using 2 stitches width = three rows height works.

sweet, I found a bunch using “blank knitting graph paper” as the search term. I was getting a bunch of gobbledygook before =]