How to create a leaf design in my knitting

Hello Everyone,
I’ve been seeing some beautiful leaf patterns in sweaters but the patterns are always in a foreign language. Does anyone know of a good video of how to create leaves, vines and grapes in knitting?
Thanks for any help you can give me.

A search on Ravelry turned up several patterns (a couple not available in English).


Great!! Thank you so much!!

Yes, Ravelry is definitely a good starting point. If you want the design knitted in, try Perfect Leaves Hat, for example. Take a look on Pinterest; you may find some links that aren’t on Ravelry. One that is in both places is this one; it’s more of a knitted-in design than just a leaf you would stitch on:
Try or for starters.
And try Nicky Epstein books. (Some may be available at your local library.) She designs in both knit and crochet – lots of borders and edgings, flowers – a huge variety. These would be primarily add-on type patterns, rather than a design you’d be knitting into the body of your garment. Have fun with this!

Oh, try taking a look at DROPS, too. I should have thought of them earlier. I was just looking for something else there and ran into their tutorials for leaf designs at
These are from different patterns they offer, so perhaps looking up some of those patterns would be of use to you. One for a hat is here:
And one for a sweater with a big design on the front and back is here:

Wow, great information. Love the videos!!

Thank you, I will definitely enjoy myself.