How to Count Rows in Knitting

Good morning. I’m Zan from Shreveport, LA and need assistance. I’m a new knitter and need to know how to count rows, I did not use a row counter.

Here’s a website that discusses how to count rows:

And another:

And an image that might help:

thanks for the question and thanks for the answer

I have 3 kinds of row counters…the only problem is IF you forget to click!

I keep track of rows with the counter, but as a back up…I keep track by installing little threads for every 10th row.

Here is a photo of some of my work…you can see the little red threads, can’t you?

Sometimes, when working with something like an 8 row repeat…my threads keep track of repeats instead of 10 rows.
But if I’m knitting rows and rows of a stitch pattern…then I mark every 10 rows. It works!

The black threads were keeping track of one thing, the red threads were keeping track of something else!

On this CALLUNA cardigan (in progress), I’m keeping track with little brass pins!

I keep track in a very old-fashioned way, just like my mother always did - I write each row number down before I knit it, then cross it off when I finish the row. If I have to repeat a certain number of rows, then I write down THAT number after each repeat and circle it, so I can see at a glance where I am. I get those mini-notebooks at the dollar store, so I can keep one with each project I’m working on. And I keep some of them if I think I might make the same project again. I’ve found this to be much easier than trying to actually count the rows manually.

Also, if any of you have the IPhone there is a great knitting application called KnitBuddy. The application does a lot of great things, but it also allows you to add as many counters as you need for a project along with naming each counter.

Years ago in a galaxy far away, I learned to knit from my mother. She had two ways of keeping track of her rows. There is a row counter you can slip onto your needles and you just turn the wheels as you complete a row or some do it before you do the row. I tend to be an after turner. My favorite is the peg board. It is made by Susan Bates and you can still get them. It helps you count the rows and keep track of increases, decreases and pattern rows. The pegs don’t fall out and it will keep track of more than 100 rows which other counters don’t. The old way is still the best way for me. I do use life lines and I am so glad I do!!! My sons call me the frogging queen but now I frogg only to the life lines.:frog:

I’ve just read this thread and picked up a few new ideas. Thanks! It reminded me of my little trick to keep my place. It’s not for rows, but for stitches. I put a marker every 10-20 stitches. Then every so often, I count the stitches between the markers. If I don’t have enough, I know that’s where I need to look for a dropped stitch.

:woohoo: Thank you soooo much, I have been looking for a counter to keep track of rows, increases, repeats, etc. Never thought to look for an app that could do it, I love it! Also love the KnitMinder as well. You made my day. :woot:

Holy Cow! Really? Now I’ve seen it all! :wink: