How to count BO stitches?

Hi there, it’s been awhile since I’ve popped in - I suppose that means my confidence level is finally increasing! I am working on a cotton tank in the round. I am at the armholes; the pattern says to BO 18 stitches… how do I count those stitches? Do I count as I pass over, or do I start the count with the first knit stitch that gets passed over (in which case I would count as I knit). Here’s how confused I am: I’m not sure if the two scenarios I just described are even different! :??


Do a BO, that’s one. Do a BO, that’s two…

I concur with Mason. Count as you pass the right-most stitch over and off the right-hand needle.


Yeah, that’s what I’d do. :slight_smile:

Wow - I learned something new as I have always counted bo stitches as regular stitches! Thanks!

Yes, only count the passover…remembering that you will be left with 1 stitch on your right needle that counts in the remaining stitches.