How to convert to Plus Size?

Hi My Fellow Handy-Crafters! I came across this beautiful pattern:

I really want to be able to make it for myself. However, I am plus-sized and the pattern does not go over a 44" bust. I am hoping to make a 52" bust sweater.

How does one go about converting a pattern to a bigger (plus) size? I am aware of adding more stitches, but like … approximately how many? How would I know the number of stitches that would NOT be too many, or too little … but just right?

I do have a Big Girl Knits book … I will have to study that. Perhaps it will help.

Thanks in advance!!

With this little program you can recalc whatever numbers the orig pattern has:

Determine your gauge, how many inches you want the new garment to be, and it’ll tell you your new CO nos, etc. Easy to rework any neckline decs, sleeve incs, etc using the Shaping feature.

I’ve used it several times when designing my own pieces or subbing yarn, with diff gauge, to ascertain the numbers I needed…worked like a charm.


Another way is to look at the difference in stitch numbers between sizes - it’s usually 8 or 10 or 12. Then determine your sts per inch times how many inches you need the back and front to total. That gives you a stitch number and you can see how many `sizes’ up from the largest pattern you need to go.

Thanks for the info ladies! It has definitely come in handy!