How to convert a pattern using my yarn?!

I would like to work the knit capelet LW1481 from (designed by Mary Jane Protus) with a medium weight yarn that specifies 18sts=4 in and 24 rows=4 in. I have attempted to calculate the conversions on my own but i dont believe i have it quite right. Would anyone be kind enough to take a look at this for me and help me convert the pattern using my yarn and swatch? Thank you tons!!! -Angela-

What gauge is on the pattern, what yarn does it use? If you change needle sizes you might be able to match the pattern gauge.

The pattern guage is 11sts per 4 in. and 15 rows per 4in. It calls for size 13 US needle. My yarn calls for size US 8 this is the link to the pattern if that helps. Thank you sooo much!

Cute pattern. Have you determined the stitch count for the repeats in the lace portion?

It’s on Ravelry and quite a few have knit it with worsted weight. You might check what they did, too.

Can you just do more increases on the yoke part till its big enough and you have the correct multiple for the pattern?

I’ve made this with worsted weight (same as yours) and the size 13s, but you may not want to use a needle that large. You can use 11s or 10½, it’s supposed to be an open gauge because it’s lacey, and not knit as densely as a sweater.

Convert the CO stitches to a measurement, 47@11sts/4" means that it should measure 17". So whatever needle you use, figure out how many sts you neead for 17". You’ll have a few more stitches in each section, the 2 fronts together should be 1 less than the back stitches, the 2 k sts between the sections will stay the same. Then do the increase rows the same, but you need to do a few more because you want to end up with enough stitches to measure 25", just like row 7. Then do the rest of the increase rows, until they measure 37" like row 24.

Then making sure your stitches are a multiple of 5 plus 8, begin the lace pattern. Make it to the length you want, do the garter stitch rows and BO.

Thank You! When you made it with size 13 did you do the pattern as is or did you change it? I am pretty new to knitting so not all of this makes too much sense to me! Thanks!

I cast on less stitches, I think. I may have also cut down on the increase rows. Just so long as you end up with enough stitches to do the multiple on the lace section (which then adds more stitches) it works.