How to commission someone to make a hat?

Hello knitting community.

First off, I am NOT knowledgeable at all on knitting.

What I am looking for - overview:
I was hoping I could take a picture of an existing hat and see if someone would make a few for me. I’m looking for at least 5 ultimately. If you only want to do 1 or two that may be best to start anyway. But I have 3 jackets and I’d like to put it in each one. And I also want to have two backups, since I am scared of losing them but dont want to be without one.

If you know of a site I should go to to find someone to make the hat, or you are the person, I just wanted some direction. This was just one of the first forums I found that seemed to be active and friendly.

About the hat:
I can send a few pictures of the hat next to a tape measure to get the dimensions. It is a very basic setup, even weave all around. It has nothing complicated on it other than the start & end spots. There is not folding part on it or anything. It is a simple wool, not too thick, but not so thin that it won’t fit in your pocket. The weave / pattern doesn’t need to be SUPER tight.

Backstory of how I came to LOVE knitted hats and why I don’t ask my mother in law for more of them:
My mother in law is amazing and made me two awesome hats. I used to wear uglier hats or baseball caps. Once I tried real knitted hats, I fell in love with how warm and nice / professional looking they are.

I am usually great at not losing things, but these hats seem to be easier to lose for
some reason, I don’t know if it is because they can fall out of my pocket, etc. I feel guilty for losing them, and I don’t want to be a burden. She only does maybe one thing per year for a few people she likes. I also want other people to get her awesome presents!

Why I love these hats to much:

  1. It covers just the tips of my ears, which means I can hear better, but my ears are back a bit so they are warmer and out of the wind.
  2. The look professional
  3. I can fold them up in my pocket and carry them around everywhere
  4. they are wool so they are warm and aren’t as easily messed up if they get wet

To contact me:
s00nertp @ or reply to this post.

You might try a group on Ravelry (free to join) like this one

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Thanks so much salmon!

By the way, that link was awesome, there are so many people to work with. Thanks again!!

You have to be willing to pay for labor+yarn.