How to combine patterns

I am new to this forum and have a question. I am getting ready to knit a stripe afghan for my son. He has chosen 3 different patterns that I want to incorporate into the afghan. The problem is that one Basket weave stitch has multi. of 8 + 5 and the other Double Basket Weave has multi. of 4 + 3. Is there any way to make them work in the same piece.

Thanks Earline

A lot of math to find a number that would work with both stitch multiples…

Sorry that’s not more helpful.

Sure you can. If you want to work them next to each other, it’s not an issue.

If you’re working them one on top of the other, then just increase or decrease, whichever will change the count the least, and then continue.

So let’s say that the 8 + 5 takes, oh, 85 for 10 repeats.

ETA: If you’re concerned about changing the count, then just add a couple of edge stitches in stockinette or garter to keep them even.

The 4 + 3 would work out to 20 repeats and give you 83 stitches, so you’d decrease by 2 and forge ahead.

Thanks for the help. I actually tried to use the math part but could not get them to match.

I didn’t think I could increase or decrease but it is a good idea and i am going to give it a go.

Thanks again,