How to click on new posts and actually view all the new post

I click and go to the first post. the minute I view it the list of 86 new posts that I was planning on reading disappears and I am on my own to find them and then I end up missing someones birthday or something special.
I really could use someones info on this.

I usually keep the list open in one window, opening all the threads I want to see in separate windows. Would that work for you?
Before I discovered the ‘posts since your last visit’ link, I would just visit each section and look through the posts with the peach-coloured icon beside them. Same thing, just a bit more time-consuming.

Make sure you click the box when you sign in to have you signed in at each visit.

Once I click on “view posts since last visit” and the list comes up, it’s easy to click on one I want to read, scroll down to read it all, then use the back button of the browser to go back to the list. Using a second window is another good way to do it, as mentioned.

thank you ladies I will try your suggestions.

that’s exactly what I do :thumbsup: !

I use Firefox for my browser so I just right click on each post and tell it to open in a new tab. That way the main page is always available.