How to choose yarn?

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am not close to any knitting shops. I wonder how you choose the yarn you guys order online. Let me make that a little clearer. :?? I want something different from just plain worsted weight yarn. But I would find it hard to order something if I couldnt “feel” it. Since I am not very knowledgable on all this yet, could you guys give me a few pointers??

BTW…I have taken the plunge to start my first sock on my first pair of DPNs.
I have researched ALOT on this site, and am going by Silver’s sock class. I absolutely love it!! My previous work only includes a couple of garter st scarves, and a stockinette st baby blanket. I am venturing out from beginner. I owe it all to this site. Your posts have given me inspiration. :happydance:


Some yarns are always pretty soft–merino and alpaca come to mind.
It also depends on what you are looking for in terms of care. Are you willing to hand-wash? Is it for a child or someone who won’t hand wash? What’s your price limit?

If you find a yarn that you like, maybe you can post and ask if anyone’s used it to get an opinion. We all have our favorites, and if you can let us know what you’re looking for, we’ll all have suggestions.

Well, I went to my local “wally world” and found the softest thing I could for my first pair of socks, which was Bernat Softee Baby 100% acrylic. Yes, it is soft on the ball, but a little less after it is knitted up. I will probably only be making them for myself, since I don’t have a lot of time to knit. And I want ssssooooooooofffftttttt…aaahhh :teehee:

I have wally world that doesn’t carry much at all… and then LYS that doesn’t have a big variety… so I read comments on the different yarns by searching them here or google… it can be hard to tell the exact colors on computer screens too… so I usually order knit picks color cards then you can see the color and feel it… Like Ingrid said merino and alpaca will be soft… so I know they will be a delight to work with… :teehee: