How to choose the right yarn

I always have a problem with deciding which yarn to buy if I can’t get the yarn suggested in the pattern. My problem is for example if the pattern call for a specific yarn and it gives you a gauge in st st. if I don’t use the same yarn should I buy a yarn with the same gauge as the yarn or the gauge they give for the pattern.

It’s certainly advisable to use a yarn with the same gauge as called for in a pattern; however, you don’t HAVE to! Keep in mind, though, that gauge affects not only the finished size of the garment, but it also affects how the knitted fabric drapes.

It’s also important to realize that the gauges listed on yarn wrappers are estimates, and you really need to figure out what gauge YOU get with that particular yarn. But then, of course, you should be able to change your needle size to get the gauge for the pattern.

With that said, you are probably already familiar with the numbers assigned to many yarns ( One reason these are included is to help people substitute different yarns than what’s called for in a pattern.

So what it boils down to is this: Can you still get the pattern gauge with a heavier or lighter weight yarn? And does the fabric behave (drape) the way you want it to?

A yes answer to both of those means you can complete the pattern with a different size yarn [B]using your regular measurements.[/B]

Now if your gauge is off (but the drape is okay), then you would have to adjust the pattern to get the right fit!

The gauge in the pattern may not be the same as the gauge on the yarn label; some patterns use looser or denser gauges for design effect. So you would get a yarn that has a gauge [I]close[/I] to the yarn used in the original pattern. So if the original is a worsted, another worsted would be a good fit, but you won’t match the gauge if you use a sport weight or a bulky. If you let us know the yarn used in the pattern we can help you identify what you can sub for it.

The pattern calls for Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. The gauge is 28 sts. = 4". It says that Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino is between a sport weight and DK weight.

I have a DK weight yarn that is 22 sts. Would I be able to substitute that for the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino

Yes, you probably can. Match the gauge given in the pattern, though you may have to go down a needle size or 2 as yours is a little thicker. Mostly you just have to try it out to see how it looks, that it’s not too dense or too loose a knit.

I see Baby Cashmerino listed as 24-25sts/4inches which is closer to your yarn label. The pattern is calling for it knit a bit tighter at 28. Is this a sweater pattern or something else?