How to check length of 'work'


I am following a pattern that includes the following instructions

[COLOR=“Black”]Directions[/COLOR]: Sweater is worked in one piece. Using #5 needles, cast on 50 (56:62) stitches. Work 5 rows in garter stitch, every row knit (or follow 8 row slip-stitch pattern). Change to #6 needles and continue in garter stitch until work measures 6”(6 ½: 7)

I am making this as a gift and just want to check I have it right. Should I knit until the piece measures 6" from the very beginning OR from where I started knitting in Garter stitch after completing the 8 row slip-stitch pattern?

Many thanks for your help


Measure the whole piece, that’s ‘measure your [I]work[/I]’ - it’s the full length of the piece you’ve ‘worked’ on.

thanks - I thought that, but wanted to be totally sure

When you measure do you start at the bottom edge of the needle or from the top of it?

Bottom of the needle.