How to check for errata

I’ve always checked for errata when using an online pattern, but have no clue where to look when the pattern is in a book. Anyone have a suggestion? :shrug: :shrug: :shrug:

Ravelry is where I start, a lot of times they will have errata available followed by a link…If it’s not on Ravelry and before we had it as an option, I would just start searching google…:thumbsup:

Just try “title of the book” and errata in an online search.

Okay, I checked all the projects on Ravelry and the only negative/constructive comment that seemed to stick out was that the pattern might need to be sized smaller than you actually usually need. It appears to be very loose fitting. No comments were made about errors/errata.

Thanks, Dustina. I did think to check Ravelry, but didn’t find any listed.