How to change to knit in round?

I would like to knit the Bristow pattern from Knitty and it says to knit the back and front pieces separately, but I would like to knit all the pieces as one in the round. How do I do that?

You would CO all the sts you need for the back and the fronts, some people would say to use 4 less to account for the seam sts. Definitely put a marker where the seams would be, because this pattern uses decreasing along the sides for shaping. Markers will also help in doing the cable pattern for the fronts.

Remember, too, that the wrong side rows will have to be reversed in order and in knit/purl. Once you get the pattern going, though, it’ll be pretty obvious.

Ingrid, it’s a cardigan, so she’ll be knitting flat back and forth, just with no seams.

Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile: …what do I do when it comes to the armholes?

:shifty: I guess I should have looked at the pattern first, huh?

When you get to the armholes, the easiest thing is to switch to knitting back and forth for the fronts and back.