How to change pattern from straight needles to circular

Hi! I have a pattern for a hat but want to use circular needles. I don’t want to mess it up. Does anyone know how to change?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Here is the pattern…

Sorry the info is all separate. You need to have one post posted before you can attach files. :slight_smile:

Please remove the actual pattern and just leave the link. We can get in trouble for copyright infringement even with free patterns.

The basic pattern without the design is easy to turn into a circular project, but the design will be a problem. Anything with big blocks of color that don’t go around the entire hat are done with intarsia. Intarsia is almost always done flat because you don’t carry the separate colors around the hat. There are videos around for intarsia in the round if you are really interested. Have you done it before?

To change from flat to circular you cast on then join. You knit stockinette by knitting only in the round, no purling.