How to change from DPNs to Magic Loop

My older brother and his fiance are expecting their first child, and I want to make a teddy bear for the new arrival, I’m putting my cloak on hold for this.
The pattern requires 4 DPNs and I want to try magic loop for the first time

A teddy bear will be a wonderful gift, a hand-knit one even more wonderful. That’s really a sweet thing to do.

I’m working on Henry’s Rabbit. I needed something quick to grab as I left this afternoon knowing I’d have several hours to fill. Anyhow, it’s written for DPNs and I’m doing ML. I started by placing a marker at the end of each needle’s set of stitches. The pattern calls for 16 sts on 3 needles, so I knit 16, placed a marker, knit 16, placed a marker, knit 16 placed a marker. The marker at the beginning of the round is different so that I can easily recognize it. All the increasing in this pattern is done on one needle and I started looping so that it was separate from the other two sets of stitches. After a while I moved the loop so that the stitches on the increase needle portion are more comfortable to work with but I could still count the stitches easily. Does that make sense? If not, please say so. Someone will clarify.

It makes sense but I don’t know the technique to use magic loop

Magic Loop video

If for some reason you decide you don’t love ML, there are other videos you can check too. Have fun! I’ve seen your photos, I don’t think you’re likely to have any problems but if you do, ask! I want to see your bear. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much GG, the pattern calls for only 3 stitches to CO at first … is that weird?

You’re welcome. I’ve not watched a ML video for a while but I think Amy’s is one I really liked.

Weird? I dunno. It sounds odd to me but what do I know, I never made a bear. Is the pattern one you can link to? I think I remember discussion here about the best way to deal with such a small cast on. If it were me, I might try I cord-ing at first. Maybe.

It’s a free knitpicks patterm

That’s cute! Thinking back to what I read…you might knit the first couple of increase rows flat so you have 12 stitches then switch to circular. I think that was one of the suggestions in the thread where it was talked about. You’d just use the tail to close up the ends of the rows you knit flat.

I started in magic loop and I have about 12 stitches already