How to CHANGE direction of ESPARTO stitch pattern

I want to use this Esparoto pattern stitch on a vest, but I want the right and left sides to run in different directions. In other words, I want the diagonal design to go LEFT on one side and RIGHT on the other. PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!! Thank you SO much!

I like the idea of changing the direction on the two fronts in this lovely stitch pattern.
Think of the twisted sts as mini cables where you change to order of the sts by knitting into the 2nd stitch first.
You can do reverse the direction by knitting into the back loop of the 2nd stitch first. These videos shows a variation on the stitch for both right and left leaning sts. You can follow your directions but work into the back loops.

Thank you! I’ll give that a try. It doesn’t look like a stitch that you could work while watching television! LOL