How to change a pattern

I am changing a pattern that requires me to do 3 sts for their one st. how do I change a decrease that is done 1 stitch each side and this is done only once, to fit my stitch pattern? Can anyone help me?

Okay, let’s think about it. One of their stitches = 3 of your stitches.

So they decrease one stitch for each side. Therefore you need to decrease 3 stitches for each side.

Obviously, you’re using smaller needles than their pattern calls for. So the number of rows you knit per inch is greater than the number of rows they knit per inch.

So if you decrease 1 stitch every side, every row for 3 rows… doesn’t it make sense that that should at least be a reasonable approximation of their 1 stitch for 1 row?

That’s likely the closest you’re gonna get here.

Doubt there would be much difference in the end product. Noticeable difference, at any rate.

Hope this helps,

thank you so much for your help it was greatly appreciated:woot:

thank you so much for the help it is greatly appreciated