How to change a knit stich to a purl stich

I’m new at this and I’m knitting a baby blanket with circular needles. I was purling along, when I accidentally did a knit stich and not a purl stich. So I knitted when I was supposed to purl. How do I fix this? Is there a way I can put the stitch from the right needle back on the left one and start over? Hope this makes sense. Thank you for any help!

Yes, you can just slide your stitch back onto the left needle and then restitch it using the desired purl stitch. Just tuck your needle into the stitch/loop that is in the back of the knitted stitch, put that on your left needle and then gently pull the just knitted yarn out of that loop.

Okay, reading that I’m not sure if I make sense. I can see me doing it but having some difficulty explaining it exactly. It is not difficult I just make it sound that way. Someone else can probably explain the “how to” better than I.

I know whatcha mean about being able to see it in your head but not sure if it’s clear when you write it down. How I learned to unknit a stitch was to make a stitch and watch very carefully where the left needle came out when I transferred it to the right needle. If you can see where the yarn wraps around the back of the stitch on the right needle, between that wrap and the yarn on the needle is where you’ll insert your left needle to begin unknitting. Then just do a knit stitch backwards - bring your right needle up to the back, unwrap the yarn, and pull out the right needle.