How to cast on when knitting in the round

I am trying circular needles for the first time today and I think I might have cast on wrong. My cast on tail is on the left side and my working yarn is on the right. This is because I cast onto my left needle when I knit on straight needles. Will this cause problems when I try to join? I have never done this before and I’m nervous.

That sounds right. Are you doing magic loop or just knitting on circulars that your stitches fill up?

It can be easier to join without twisting the stitches if you knit a couple rows back and forth and then join to knit in the round.

Okay, I’m just doing regular circular knitting. I went for it the way I had already cast on but got nervous because it looked like my hat would be waaay too small and pulled all of the stitches out. However, when I stretched it out after I pulled it off the needles it looked like it would fit okay. I guess it looks tiny on the cable. It doesn’t help that I tend to knit tight so I thought, “this is going to fit a baby, not an adult!” lol

The best thing to do is to knit an inch or so and then see about what size it looks. If you’re doing magic loop you’ll have plenty of cable to slide all the stitches onto to do some stretching of the fabric and maybe even get some measurements. If you have the gauge called for in the pattern you should be good to go. If not, you’ll get a better idea after you’ve done some knitting of just how off you might be. Are you starting in rib? Rib always looks smaller than it really is to me since it’s intended to stretch some in use. With ML I can actually put the piece on my head to see how the fit is shaping up.

No, I’m doing a stockinette stitch beanie and I guess it just looks small because I have never knit a cap before. I am using 16" circular needles so I don’t have much give in the cable. It was curling unevenly at the sides because I put the cast on stitches on waaaaaaaay too tightly and then changed the tension in the middle of the rows once I figured out what happened.

I knit five rounds and then stopped but it didn’t look so bad after I pulled it loose so this time I’ll try again and just keep going.

Be sure your cast on is stretchy. This video is really long but has some good stuff about long tail cast on in it. There are other stretchy cast ons, such as a twisted cast on, search for German twisted or twisted German cast on.

You can move your stitches off the needles onto yarn if you want to try it on, get a look at it off the needles, whatever.

Yes, I’ll have to make sure the cast on is stretchy. That will help a lot on my second go-round. Thanks for the link to the video.