How to cast-on to a work in progress?


Im knitting the Custom fit top down raglan. Im at the point I need to cast on the remaining front stitches.

Im thinking of doing a backwards loop C/O. Im just curious about what other c/o’s a person can use.


Cable cast on is another good one to use. I haven’t used the backward loop, but I’ve heard it can create loose stitches. I’ve used the cable cast on and it was pretty firm. I know there’s a video here that shows how to do it. :slight_smile:

I usually use the knit CO, especially if it’s where I’m going to pick up stitches, because it’s easier to pick up from. Cable CO does make a firm, more finished edge, but is bulkier if you pick up in it.

Thank you SandsLVT & suzeeq.

I gave the Cable C/O a try and it worked out beautifully :woot:

Im glad I learned it. It will come in handy in many future projects!