How to cast on stitches in the middle of a pattern?

I am knitting a pinafore and I am at the part where I join for the body. It wants me to knit 25 stitches and then ‘cast on 2 stitches onto right needle’ How do I do that? The only cast on method I know is the long tail.

Go to the Cast on videos and look at the knit and cable cast ons. Put the right needle in your left hand, cast on 2 sts, then put it back in your right hand and carry on.

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Yeah, I don’t try to get gauge, knit with large needles and like a looser gauge, so I figure I’m not quite following the conventional knitting wisdom.

Here is a link to a video for casting-on with work in progress, from Knitting at Noon.

It helped me.


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