How to cast on additional stitches

Hi I am knitting a pair of gloves and just put the thumb stitches on waste yarn. The directions say cast on 4 additional stitches and finish round. Not sure how to do this a s I am essentially part way into the row. Thanks

You could use the backward loop cast on or switch the right needle to your left hand and do a knitted or cable cast on.

I usually use backward loop for just a few stitches in the middle of a row like this. (Never use it as a cast on)

Thank you so much. But I still have a few more questions. I read through the forums and watched the knitting on method but for the life of me could not figure out how to do it with the needles I am holding in my hand. LOL

Here’s what I have. I am using magic loop and took 8 stitches from say the back needle and 9 from the front (my left hand needle at the moment) and put them aside. I need to cast on these 4 stitches do I cast them onto my left needle and knit them? cast them onto my right needle and knit them the next round? Sorry if this seems obvious but I have never done this before. The video I watched showed it being done not as part of a row but just on a single piece of yarn and I think that is throwing me off. It looked easy but when I tried it myself I was like okay now I have needles and yarn and now what do I do? :knitting:

Cast them on to theneedle where your working yarn is. To use the knit CO, you just pretend that you’ve already knit several stitches - move the right needle to the left hand, knit into the end st but leave it on and put the new stitch on the same needle. Repeat until you have 4 new stitches. Then move the needle back to the right hand and finish the round. If you use the loop, just wrap the yarn around the right needle and finish the round.