How to cast on additional stitches within a row?

Hi there - I’m trying to knit this lovely pattern by Cornelia Hamilton…after knitting 4+ inches in st st, it asks me to cast on an additional 40 stitches. How do you cast on additional stitches within a row? If anyone can tell me how, it would be so helpful…I really want to complete this pattern. Thanks! :inlove:

Does the pattern say to cast on or to increase?

What exactly does the line of the pattern say?

Any single-stranded caston will create new stitches… but for this I would probably use knitted cast-on (or cable caston if you want a more sturdy edge). Looping is probably not quite what you want for so many stitches, but what is the item?

Hi everyone,

I’m having a similar problem like gemstar510, although the pattern I’m using states to co 10 using longtail cast on and second strand of CC as the thumb strand, cut second strand leaving 8’ tail. I’m sure this is really simple, I’m a little confused that’s all. Anyone with a simple explanation? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

They just want you to add a second strand of yarn to make the cast on. I’m not sure what the best way to attach it is, maybe just a knot?

Here is a link to a video I used. It is called Casting on With Work in Progress.

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Thanks guys for the response. This should help me out!

I like to attach new strands with a safety pin and later just weave in.