How to cast off lace / turkish stitch...?

G’day all,

Sorry to barge in on you like this but i’m in need of knitting experts!!!

An elderly friend of the family has recently been teaching me how to knit / crochet, however i am unable to finish my scarf because she is unable to remember how she cast / bind? off.

She told me it is a lace like stitch…(?)

The scarf i have made (and quite proud of :slight_smile: ) Is…

Cast on 25 stitches… knit 1 stitch then take the yarn over … knit 2 together … yarn over … knit 2 together etc etc untill the end.

I have tried to cast off the standard way … ie knit 2 then take the 1st stitch over the top and drop off… however this creates a line that the other end (where i cast on ) dosent have…?

I hope this makes sense and that someone out there knows how to help me.

S. x

You can cast off in the pattern, though it might be a little tricky. A bind off is just like knitting another row, except you pass the first st over the next one. So k1, yo, pass the 1st st over the YO, k2tog, pass the 1 st over, etc. Keep it loose, you can even go up a needle size or two.

Thank you for the advice. I’m going to give it a try and get back to you.

What does k2tog mean please?? (i’m that new! lol)

It’s a dec, shown on the decreases page, but the YO adds a stitch so the number stays the same. You knit 2 sts together as if they were one st.

thanks for the info. I’ve tried that stitch and although it dosent look exactly like the other end its closer than what i’ve tried so far but i’m hoping that i can cover this by making a fringe…?