How to care for Rayon yarn

Ok… so I haven’t been stumped in quite a while, but I know NOTHING about rayon… seriously nothing (aside from what Wiki had to tell me).

I received this beautiful hand-spun, hand-dyed 100% rayon yarn in a swap I just recently did. Basically the only information I have is that it’s 100% rayon :o) (I don’t even know the yardage lol! :shifty: )

Anyway I’m making a crochet shawl out of it and I’m honestly not sure how to treat it once I’m done with it.

Do I handwash it? Can I try to pin it out to ‘block’ it? (I’m assuming it won’t retain the shape, but I would like to even everything out a bit)

I’ve read opposing things about the structure of the yarn - some say it’s very delicate (which =s no steam blocking I’d assume) while others say it’s very sturdy. I tend to believe that because it was hand-spun it’s probably more delicate, but lemme tell ya, a good tug on that yarn shows no effect. I actually tried to break it with my hands and only ended up with some painful inprints :shrug:

So yeah, any help would be super appreciated!!!


I’ve used rayon fabric but not yarn. I found this article & thought it might be helpful.

That was SUPER helpful!! Thank you!!! :oD