How to calculate changes for type of yarn

I want to knit the Hiking vest in the current issue of Knit 'N Style. The yarn the sample is made out of is wayyyyyyy out of my budget. ($38) a skein. That yarn is 3-3.5 sts /in. I think that is a bulky weight. The bamboo yarn I want to use is a Dk weight. Could I just double it? What if I wanted to use a worsted weight yarn? Or any suggestions on a yarn that isn’t so pricey that would work well? I am still a little confused on how guage works with yarn type as it relates to he pattern. Here is the link for the photo of the project.


You can use to find out what the actual guage of the yarn the pattern calls for. Then, you can use it to search for other yanrs with similar guage.

Typicaly, if you want to get bulky yarn you’ll double strand worsted weight yarn.

To get worsted weight yarn you’d need to double strand DK weight yarn - so, for your bamboo yarn you’d actually have to quadruple strand it which would be much more expenisve.

I hope you can find something that works!

You might be able to triple strand it and get Bulky gauge. Another way to do it would be to just use it double stranded on smaller needles and make a smaller size pattern. That may work, but you’ll just have to try out the yarn you want to use and figure out how many stitches per inch you’re getting then multiple that times your measurement and look to see which size has approximately that number of stitches.