How to bobble?

Hello, I am new at knitting and I’m trying to make a baby blanket with foot prionts onb it. When it somes to making the toes I need to either mini bobble or for big toe bobble. I don’t understand the instructions and need a video to go by please. Can anyone help me?

instructions of project:
mini*bobble: k1,p1,k1 all into the same stitch. You will now have three stitches from one stitch on your right needle. Take the tip of your left knitting needle, and lift the furthest away over the top of te other two, then lift the second over the first one.

What I don’t understand is how do you get three stitches on one stitch?

Please someone help me.

The trick here is to not slip the stitch just made off the left hand needle. Knit the first stitch, keep it on the needle, bring the yarn in front, and bring the needle into the same stitch to purl it. Leave it on the needle again, and then knit into the stitch a third time. Slip them all off the needle, and then do the yarn over thing. You should see a bobble, then. Hope this helps.

I feel like it is tight or like I am just making a row not a bobble. I will try again. Thanks for the help!

The stitch on the left needle will get pretty tight by the time you make the extra stitches into it.