How to block

I’m almost 2/3 finished with Mom’s vest and will need to block it before I seam it. 2 questions: 1) how do I block patons sws? Do I just wet it and then lay it out flat and pin it? do I use soap? & 2) what should I block it on? I don’t have an extra bed for it to dry on and my ironing board isn’t big enough. a piece of foam? or what?
ok so that was a few more than 2 quesitons, but they fit into two catagories. :???:

I have always blocked on the following. I have folded a blanket just larger than the area I need. On this I have folded a cotton sheet. I pin the item on that.

I wash the item in a wool wash as a rule and then gently squeeze out the excess water. Don’t wring it just squeeze. I wrap the item in a towel and then press again to try and rid more water. Lay item on the sheet and pull into shape and pin. Go back in 30 to 60min and check and re-adjust pins if necessary.

Sometimes I will unpin and change the sheet and then re-pin. It depends on a few different things.

Some yarns will not block that well. I don’t know the qualities of the yarn you mention. Is it hand wash or machine wash?

Oh and don’t use any pins that are rusty.

It’s hand wash in water not exceeding 86 degrees F. lay flat to dry.
What kind of wool wash do you reccomend?