How to block

I’m making a couple purses. How do I know if they should be blocked and how would I do that? I looked all over KH for a video (I thought I saw one here before). Did I miss it or just see it somewhere else?~Thanks :wink:

Here’s a Knitty Article that might help you out. Blocking is basically pinning the article to its intended measurements. You can wet/dampen the article before pinning or after pinning. And you should always read the care label of the yarn to give you some blocking ideas. Blocking is a finishing touch that sets and/or smoothes the stitches too.

One other note … if I were you, I would line the purses regardless of whether you block or not. Lining it will keep the purses from stretching with age.

Hope that helps…

Thanks!! :thumbsup:

Ok so I’ve got the concept of blocking down, except pinning. Are you just pinning it to itself or pinning it into place on some sort of cork message board or something?

There are “blocking boards” available for purchase, but I don’t think they are necessary. (But if I had money coming out the ears, I would likely try one anyway :mrgreen: ) Depending on the size of the piece to be blocked, I usually just set some towels out on the bed or coffee table or ironing board or the floor :wink: and pin the piece there. It’s important that you get rust proof pins so your pieces won’t get rust stains. :thumbsup: