How to block socks?

I was going to reply to another thread with this question, but I figured I’d make my own topic. How do you block socks made with acrylic or cotton? Just spritz and pin? or just spritz and stretch it out by hand? :?? I’m not done with my socks yet, I already did the toe, now I’m getting toward the heel, but I notice that where my DPNs meet, the stitches are loose. I tried tightening as I go, like REALLY tight, but they are still loose.

Yes…I would spritz with water and pin. I usually do a little stretch and pull first to get the stitches lined up right.


You can buy sock blockers, they’re plastic or wood shaped like a sock. Or you can bend a wire hanger into the shape instead. :wink:

Personally, I just wet block, shape and let dry with no pins or blockers. :slight_smile:

I’m with Silver! Wire hanger blocking in ACTION :wink:

Oh ya! I cant believe I forgot about that methos :slight_smile: Thanks for reminding me:) And rebecca…whats all the plastic for? :??