How to bind off when working with a spool?

I’ve searched for directions but can’t find it! I’m making an i-cord with a spool, how do I bind off?

[color="#300090"]Ah, if I understand correctly…

You would take a loop off one pin/peg of the spool and hook it on to the next one (in the opposite direction you normally move around the spool) above the loop that is there.

  • Then take the old, bottom loop off and over the peg. Then take the remaining loop ahead to the next empty peg. Take the loop off the next peg and put it above the current peg.*

Repeat between ** for each next peg until one loop remains next to the tail.

Draw tail trough last loop and take loop off peg.

I think that will get you a knit bind off for your I-cord on a spool.

I don’t have a spool so I had to picture it and it took some editing to correct what I first thought you had to do… Crossed Fingers [/color]

thanks I’m gonna try you’re smart :teehee:

:oo: Wait! I just found a site with pictures and instructions. :oo:

I don’t know if what I said will work but here is the site.

It said, “To cast off, cut the yarn and thread it through each loop. Pull tight to fasten off.”

Now that sounds much easier then what I had said to do.

Thank you! LOL I did the link you posted because it did sound easier and it worked perfectly.