How to bind off in a pattern


Just wondering if someone can teach me step by step what I need to do in this sweater pattern I am working on. I have come to the end of the last row (purling) and now it says: bind off for armholes at each end of every 2nd row 3 sts. once, 2 sts. once, and 1 st. 3 times=54 sts.
When work measures 43 cm, bind off 22 sts. at center for neck and finish each side sep. At neck edge bind off 2sts. on every 2nd row twice.
When work measures 46 cm, bind off rem 12 sts. on either side for shoulders.

If someone could tell me what I need to do that would be great!


The first bo’s are for the underarms (appropriate place for bo, I always say!)

You only bind off at the beginning of rows so your yarn is in the right place when you finish. So on the next row bind of 3 st at the beginning, work to end.

Purl one row even
bo 3 st at beginning of k row, work to end
p even
bo 2 at beginning " " "
p even
bo2 at beginning
p even
(bo1 at beginning. . ., next row p) 3X

When you get to 43 cm, you bind of the center 22 st. you will have to reattach the yarn for one side. Then at the neck edge, on each side of the center bo, you will bind off 2 st on every other row twice, as above.