How to bind off for K2P2 rib?

Hi there, sorry if I’m repeating a question, I’ve had a look first to see if I could find any similar posts but to no avail…

I’m knitting a scarf in K2P2 rib, how do I bind off without it fanning??

Any help is much appreciated!

Kell x

I usually BO in the rib stitch. BOs are generally a little tight unles you consciously make them loose or use larger needles, so I’d just try it out and see what it looks like.


How do you bind off in the rib stitch??

Actually, you BO the same as you do normally. But instead of knitting the stitches before you do, you keep to the rib pattern - k2, BO 1, p1, BO 1, P 1, BO 1, K 1, BO 1… etc.


Thanks Suzeeq if I hadda thought about that one for a minute I coulda figured it out!

I’m away to try it out! :o)