How to bind off both sides?

I am working on my first cardigan, and I am finished with the front left panel and have bound off the stitches. Now onto the next section, the back. I kept the stitches on the needles, rather than placing them on stitch holders. So that means I have no yarn end since both front sides and the back are knit in one long stretch of 215 stitches. Then you bind off stitches to begin the left and right sides. I’m assuming I just add a new ball of yarn and start knitting. But this is where I get confused. The directions say to shape right and left edges of the back 101 stitches the same as I did for the right edge of the left front. For the right side of the left front this is how the directions read — bind off 2 st at right edge 2 times, then 1 st 3 times. I know I am supposed to do this on both the right and left edges of the back, but how do I bind off on both ends? Normally I bind off at the beginning of a RS row. Any help is appreciated!

Yes, bind off at the beginning of the row. So you can bind off at the beginning of the RS row, work to the end, turn and bind off at the beginning of the WS row. That will give you the shaping on each edge of the back. And you can continue to bind off as the instructions tell you. The difference of a single row won’t show at all.

I have also heard of BO on the right side, then on the left side do an ssk. What’s your opinion of that? As you can see from the pattern instructions I am supposed to bind off 2 stitches at each end. I’m not sure how that would work with just an ssk.

Usually you would do an ssk on the right side (slanting ) and a k2tog on the left side (slanting /) for single decreases. For decrease of 2sts (or more), I would do a bind off in both cases at the beginning of the rows