How to bind of the neck

I don’t understand how i have to create the neck for the front of the pullover that i’m knitting. The pattern says this: When the work measures 49-51-52 cm [19.25" - 20" - 20.5"], bind off the center 9-10-10 (14-16-16) sts for the neck. Bind off at each neck edge every other row: 3 sts 1 (1) time, 2 sts 2 (3) times, 1 st 2 (3) times.

I get how i have to bind the first ten stiches of in the middle. The problem is that i don’t understand how to continue knitting after this. After binding of the neck, a gap is created between the two parts. I don’t understand how i can continue to knit, seeing that i can’t go to the other part without having a thread running between two gaps. How do i solve this? This is what happens:

Can somebody help me with this problem?
Love Djuna

You can either attach a second ball of yarn to the left shoulder and work both sides at the same time with two different working strands or you can finish the right shoulder and then, reattach yarn to the left shoulder and work that. If you choose to work both shoulders at the same time you would work to the gap, drop the working strand of yarn and pick up the second strand.