How to-berrocco wisteria sweater

I am knitting the berrocco wisteria sweater and need help on the back where I start the short rows. Has anyone done this pattern? I have tried it many ways and cannot figure out how to get it even. any help would be appreciated.

Here is the link to the pattern:

I think you are talking about this part:

[INDENT][B]Note:[/B] The bottom of this garment is shaped using short rows. When working these rows you will work across part of a row, then turn and work back leaving some sts unworked. This makes the sides shorter than the center.
[B]Short Rows: [/B][B]Row 1 (RS): [/B]K50, k center 13(21-29) sts, turn.
[B]Row 2 (WS): [/B]P18(26-34), turn.
[B]Row 3 (RS): [/B]K23(31-39), turn.
[B]Row 4 (WS): [/B]P28(36-44), turn. Continue working short rows in this manner working 5 sts more each row before turning until all 113(121-129) sts have been worked. Work more 6 rows in St st, end on WS.

[/INDENT]When you are working row 1, you knit 50 stitches and then knit 13 stitches. You will have stitches remaining on LH needle. Do not work on them. Just turn your work. So your RH needle becomes your LH needle and vice versa. Then start knitting the second row. That is P18. Then turn your work again.

In “normal” rows, you knit all stitches on the LH needle and then turn your work. In short rows, you turn your work mid way. Does that help?

I understand that part. After I knit the first 4 rows and I start at row 1 again, do I knit the fifty stitches again? If I don’t it becomes uneven. The only other problem is when I add the 5 stitches to each row, maybe thats what throws it off. I add 5 stitches and then 10 andthen 15 and so on, every 4 rows. I hope I made mayself clear. I hope you can help.
thank you

You don’t actually start at row 1 again… You see how you do the center sts, lets say 13, then the next row you do 18, that adds 5 sts; then the next row you k 23, there’s 5 more, and the next row is 28, so the row after that is 33, then 38. Just keep adding 5 more sts to the number that you knit or purl on each row until you have all the sts used up. You won’t have the 50 sts anywhere.

I will give that a try. For some reason when I did that it came out uneven. thank you so much for your help! I hope you will be around if I run into trouble again. Thank you again