How to avoid pointy toes in socks

I’m new to this website and have been knitting socks for quite some time. I’ve recently switched to knitting them on 2 circular needles (one sock at a time). I’m wondering if anyone has a solution to pointy toes, as I prefer nice round toes. I like using the Kitchener stitch to finish off the toe. Thanks for your help. LKO

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There was another recent post discussing the same topic - I wrote out what works for me and it can be found in this post.

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I switched to doing toe-up socks to solve that problem. I use Judy’s Magic Cast On and stop as soon as I’ve got one row knitted…then the “toe” I continue with is from Widdershins. I try to do this toe for all my socks b/c it came out so nice and rounded. I also do my socks 2 at a time on 2 circs–or Magic Loop–even though this pattern is written for dpns.

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My wide feet don’t like those pointy toes either.

If you’re kitchenering the toe, it sounds like you’re going top down, but it’s unclear whether you’re doing a short row toe or just decreasing and then seaming up the end. If the latter, you might want to take a look at Joan’s toe, here. She adjusts her rate of decreasing to make the toe less pointy. (There’s also a star toe further down the page – I think that’s also not-so-pointy.) If you’re using short rows, just don’t do as many, e.g., if you usually go down half the width, try going down just a third so it doesn’t get so narrow – remember to start your short rowing a little later to make up for the shorter toe length.

The “Joan’s Toe” that janelanespaintbrush linked is my absolute favorite!