How to avoid gaps with M1P?

I’m working on a cable pattern for the first time and it involves a lot of M1P, however every time it changes from knit stitches to M1P, I get these weird gaps:

Does anybody know how to avoid this?

There are a couple of things you can try.
One is to make a yarn over on the row or round in the place where the M1 will occur on the next row. This gives you a bit of extra yarn and lessens the tension and hole.
The second is a trick Elizabeth Zimmerman used (no better provenance). That’s to work an e-loop instead of the usual M1 into the strand from the row below.


The trick by Elizabeth Zimmermann made a huge difference, thanks so much!

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Good to know. Thank you for the update and enjoy the cables.

Since I don’t like the m1 increases myself I tend to use another. My usual preferred increases are lifted/raised increases also call kll and krl. Doing other than the pattern says is permissible. :wink: I’m glad you worked this out to your satisfaction. I waited to comment because I couldn’t help with the question you asked.

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