How to attach the yarn for thumb in fetching?

I am making fetching, and have just got to the thumb. i managed to take the scrap yarn out and get the live stitches onto the needles, but how do i attach the yarn securly to continue knitting? im worried if i don’t do it properly that after a bit of wear the thumb might just fall off ( like some sort of zombie body part!:zombie: :shock: )

:teehee: The Thumb That Ate Chicago–coming soon to a theatre near you! :thumbsup:

You can just start knitting with the new yarn and weave in the end later. If you like, you can knit the first stitch with the yarn and the tail to secure it–just remember to treat that double loop as one stitch on the next round.

When you are done you weave in: before then, the first few stitches may be loose, but you can tighten them slightly later when you come to weave in the end.
For starting knitting, I find that often it’s useful to attach a safety pin to the glove and tie the new wool around the safety pin: so it doesn’t come loose until you let it off.

thanks. im a abt more confident doing it with other people backing :slight_smile: of i go then to make zombie thumbs.