How to attach new yarn to bound off edge?

Ok, I’m working on my first sweater, the SNB “Pinup Queen”. I think I shaped my back neck correctly, although it looks weird. Is it supposed to look like a little flap of extra fabric? Maybe like a facing when sewing?

I bound off the neck edge thing, and now I have the beginning of both a left and right shoulder shape.

The directions say:
With WS facing, attach yarn to neck edge of left shoulder sts and complete row. Attach 2nd ball of yarn to neck edge of right shoulder. Working both shoulders at one time, BO 22 sts from each neck edge twice, then BO 1st every row twice. BO rem 10 sts.

How can I attach yarn to the neck edge of left shoulder if it’s a bound-off edge? I don’t have any yarn to attach it to or with??!!?? HELP!!!


You actually don’t have to attach the yarn, despite what the instructions say. Leave about a 6 inch tail and finish off the row. After you’re done, you can trim the end to 2-3 inches and weave it in.