How to Attach Horseshoe purse handle

Hello, I have been knitting for about 1 year now. After hearing people say “Oh, knitting is easy, I’ll teach you” and then nothing happening, I took the plunge and checked out books and then found this website. This site has been SO helpful!! I’ve made the obligatory scarves and a few hats. I decided to join the forum because I just knitted and felted my first bag. Now the question is, how should I attach the acrylic horseshoe handles…?

Does any one have suggestions or know of sites that have good examples?

Thank you very much.

The handles probably have holes or slits at each end.
Stitch through and around these to sew the handles at the appropriate places on the bag.
Make as many stitches as you need to fill the slits or holes neatly; the more stitches the stronger the join. Use the same yarn you used for the bag and a strong sharp needle with a large hole.