How to anchor yarn

I am knitting a wool soaker from a pattern by Fern and Faerie. I have it all knitted, all I have to do it stitch up the seams and make the leg cuffs. I’ve seen the video on Kitchener stitch, so I think I have a pretty good idea of how to do that, but it says to anchor the yarn at a specific point. How do I do that exactly?

If you can list the directions specifically that include that part it would be easier to figure out what it means.

Here they are:

For flat-knit cuffs:
Holding work right side up, with the ribbing at the top, count up 26 (31, 33, 30, 30, 29) rows from the point of the triangle (or 26 (31, 33, 30, 30, 29) rows down from the end of the ribbing). Anchor yarn to the piece at that point. (g)Working from left to right, right side of the work facing up and the working selvedge edge at the top, use a crochet hook to pull up a loop through the end stitch of each row, transferring loops to a size 5 knitting needle. ©
Work cuff in K2P2 ribbing until 1 ½” (1 ½”, 2”, 2”, 2 ½”, 2 ½”), bind off using suspended bind-off or similar elastic bind-off technique.

My guess is to just tie it on to a spot on the back.

Thanks! That seemed to be the obvious answer, but I wanted to make sure.