How to adjust?

Okay, I found a really nice vest pattern, that I want to try.
I would be learning no new stitches or stitch patterns good idea but techniques like arm shaping, for I haven’t attempted any kind of clothing item beyond scarves, a stole and the like.

My problem? It is one size fits all.
Um… but 42 inches is going to be down to or below my knees!
I am under 5 foot tall.

The width is good, just the length is too long.

I am afraid of it not draping correctly. I tried to attach a pic, never did that before… it is a free pattern from Lion Brand yarns.

Any suggestions on how or where I could possibly shorten this would be helpful.

I’m a 5 footer, too! :cheering:

How about this: knit each color section 4 rows shorter…or…1" less length.

That would effectively lessen the length, without taking away from the overall look.

Sigh, I’m 6’1" tall. You two can just send all your extra knitted stitches my way. :teehee:


Uh… no… but you could send some of your extra height this way.

I am tired of not being able to reach things!!!