How to add sts into pattern

I am a new knitter and i am kintiing sleeves for sweater, it says to inc 1 sts at each end but i don’t know how to include this in the pattern.
My 1st row is P2 K5 *P3 K5 rep from * to last 2 sts P2
Next row is all knit
Next row P2 K5 * P3 K5 rep from *to last 3 sts P3
How do i include the extra sts so that my pattern will be correct???

Okay you would add them at the beg and end anyway and your pattern ist a p3, k5 rib on the RS rows, and just knit on the WS so you don’t have to worry about that row.

On the RS rows it’s maybe better to do the increases inside the purl sts at the edges. So on a row 1, you p2, inc, k5, p3, k5 etc and end with k5 inc, p2. Knit the next row. On row 3, you p3, k5, p3, k5, etc and end with p4.

For the next inc row 1 is p2, inc, p1, k5, p3, k5, etc and end with p1, inc p3. Row 3 would be p4, k5, p3, k5 and end with p5. After more incs, you’d be starting row 1 with p5, k5, p3, k5 and end with k5, p3, k1, p3.

Why does row 3 end with p3 when R1 ends with p2 on the same number of stitches? Is that a typo or how the pattern is written? In my examples I went with p3 for row 3, but I think it ought to be the same as row 1.