How to add color?

Okay, So I’m just learning how to add colors to my scarfs and all, but I’m confused. I watched some videos on the fair isle stuff, I was wondering if it can be used on scarves and how we would start by adding the color in, I have a problem with adding the color in…I’m not so sure how to. The thing I’m also confused on is that if we were to use the fair isle method when making a scarf, would there be loose ends in the back ??If there is going to be some then that wouldn’t make the scarf look as good.

Yes, the Fair Isle stitching will leave strands across the back, but if you make the scarf a tube and sew up the ends, then you can have a pretty, warm scarf.

When you add a color in Fair Isle, just start knitting with it when the pattern calls for it’s inclusion. If there’s a loose stitch there, you can tighten it up with a little tug later.

Yup, if you are going to make a scarf in the stranded method you will have loose threads aka floaters in the back that will show, unless you knit the scarf in the round. You might want to try double knitting, adding whole stripes of color, or swiss darning individual motifs into the scarf.

How to add color…

Easiest to Hardest:

[B]1 [/B]use a self patterning/self striping yarn, or space dyed yarn–there are many many options.

[B]2[/B] stripes. Regular or irregular (there are stripe pattern generators available on line)

[B]3 [/B]slip stitch patterns --you’ll handle 1 color of yarn at a time…
(see Shawls, Stoles and Scarves/Nancy Wiseman, for great scarf that is a sampler of slip stitch patterns (see my blog, for tri color linen stitch directions, see (lots of places!) for slip stitch patterns. not all slip stitch patterns are designed to use 2 or more colors, but many are.

[B]3A[/B]-see Brioche stitch patterns too! (again, 1 color in any one row, but the look more complex)

[B]4[/B]–duplicate stitch (cheating… but)

all these are about the same in terms of difficulty.
Fair Isle
Jacquard Double knitting

also consider doing a 2 (or 3) colored cast on for a bit of contrast at edge–simple Long tail with 2 colors, or a braided long tail

or knitting on a cross wise edging in a different color,

or contrasting bits–heel & toes (and cuffs) in a sock, Neck band/button band/cuffs for a sweater

Learning striping will help you learn slip stitches, learning slip stitch patterns will help you learn fair isle!

hhahahaha thanks a whole bunch guys, i kinda get it now. thanks for info.