How to Add Back Stitches

Hi, not sure if I am wording this right… I am making a cell phone cover, while I was working on it decided to make a viewing hole for a couple of buttons, so I wouldn’t have to take it out of the holder to see caller ID or answer it. (It’s a slider.) [I](I got the idea a la AnnArrogance’s Unique Ipod case.)[/I]

Apparently I know just enough to be dangerous… anyway… I have the little bottom part where the phone will sit and the sides and back stitched… but not sure how to recreate the stitches I need to start working in the round again? I have the knitting answer book, but am not even sure what to call it to look it up???
TIA:hug:Really crappy pic… only had my cell phone camera, and I am not very good with it… hope it will help…

It looks like you could cast on stitches across the front and then continue knitting in the round. I’d use a cable or knitted cast on–it would look neatest.

Thank you… I was confused because I have only done casting on to create a new project and it has always been the long tail - except one time a lace cast on… never in the middle of a project… I will look up the video!

Thanks Again!!